A Call to Action

A couple of days ago it seemed for a moment that the evening curfew for the Netherlands would be canceled. A judge ruled that it was illegal, not in harmony with the Dutch laws. I was truly relieved that finally this nonsense had come to an end.

The same day, by using an emergency procedure, the Dutch state assured that the evening curfew would remain in place, at least until the appeal that was already planned against the ruling of the judge. So we still are restricted in our movements from 21.00 until 04.30 hours.

On top of that, the Dutch government has decided to try to introduce another emergency law to make sure that an evening curfew for the COVID-19 outbreak IS legal in the Netherlands. Our government is hell-bent on restricting our freedom, in whatever way possible.

As I have stated in previous posts, anyone who has really studied the COVID-19 outbreak and the fear pandemic which is ushered in by politicians and the mainstream media, will understand that a political game is being played, that these things are motivated by power and money.

What to do about this? Besides the legal actions against lockdowns, which are more and more frequently organized, there are many other things which can be done to help to stop the great reset from being rolled out completely. Individual action is more than valuable, it is crucial.

I believe we have to spend more time talking to people, online and offline, about what is happening in our world. It can be as simple as connecting with some of your contacts, and sharing good information about the great reset and related info.

Connect online and offline. Ask people, “Do you believe that this reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak is normal? Do you believe a political game is being played? Is this reaction to the pandemic still in harmony with the level of the threat of the COVID-19 outbreak?”

I think that we are more and more involved in an information war. Politicians and mainstream media channels present people with scripted information, aimed at supporting the great reset. And anyone who uses the standard social media channels to protest this is censored.

The positive thing is that more and more people are stepping up, are getting active in protesting against the great reset, the lockdowns, the censorship, the fear pandemic. I believe that more action is needed still, and therefore I want to call on YOU to take action too, if you haven’t done so yet.

Share good information. Contact people that you know. Start petitions. Get organized online and offline, in groups who want to end the great reset. Sign petitions. Vote when you have the chance and vote wisely. Take legal action. Join Social Media platforms which are still free.

Maybe some people believe that you can be neutral in this situation, and just wait for it to blow over. I am sorry, you can’t. This is not going to blow over. It will be stopped or it will be executed, depending on how humanity will react to this far-reaching political game called the great reset.

Hemp, The Miracle Plant

Of all the plants that grow on this planet, I think it would be hard to find a plant that offers more benefits and uses for us than the hemp plant. One of the things that should be changed to have a brighter future for everyone is to legalize growing it everywhere.

I think most people mainly know hemp for the legal use of marihuana, and for the history of using hemp for making ropes, mainly for the shipping business in the last centuries, when the whole world was redivided by countries with fleets that depended on hemp to function well.

There are many more uses for hemp than these two options, medical use and making ropes. This is a list of many of the additional uses and benefits this wonderful plant has to offer. The list is not complete, but it should give you a good idea of its enormous potential.

Food and Nutrition

“Hemp seeds can be eaten raw, sprouted, or ground into a paste and added to foods. They have a nutty flavor and can be consumed as a healthy mix with other grains, seeds, dried fruits and nuts. The seed is almost as rich in protein as soy; this protein called edestin matches the protein content in human blood. Further processing of the seed produces items such as whole grain, baking flour, protein powder, oil and hemp cake….” Source: hempbenefits.org


“Hemp uses include making fuel such as bio-diesel. The petroleum industry has embraced the use of hemp in making its products. Ethanol production is also popular in the hemp industry. Hemp biofuel could begin to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. It can be a great fuel source and alternative to those which cause a multitude of issues for the environment.” Source: cannabisreports.org 


“Moving towards the use of hemp for paper can help save the world’s forests. Historically, hemp has been used to make paper for thousands of years. It makes a fine quality paper that is naturally acid-free and does not become yellow and brittle or disintegrate over time like conventional paper.” Source: hempharvestworks.com 


“The fashion industry also has plenty of room for innovative hemp use, although this isn’t as new as it may sound. Considered an environmental “super fiber,” people have used hemp to make clothing for several centuries. Using the fibers of the plant, more and more eco-friendly designers are turning to this method of production.” Source: news.green-flower.com

Construction Materials

“Hemp plant can make strong and durable materials for construction. For example, cement made from hemp uses minerals and core fibers. When hemp is used to make homes, there is stronger resistance to bad weather and less damage incurred during bad weather…. Hempcrete is a mixture of hemp hurds and lime. Hempcrete is commonly used as a material for insulation and construction.” Source: cannabisreports.org 

As you see, plenty of reasons to grow this lovely plant! In the past, the hemp plant was met with a lot of resistance, for example by the cotton industry, who saw the hemp plant as a threat, and rightly so. This is one of the reasons there are still many laws prohibiting the growth of hemp.

It will greatly benefit us to get rid of these laws, so we can start growing hemp in more and more places. So please pay attention, next time you vote, what your political party thinks about legalizing the growth of hemp, and make sure you support this plant. Thank you!

The Great Reset & Manipulative Language

Since the beginning of 2020, I experience that a lot more repetitive and scripted language is to be found in the speeches of politicians and in articles and videos from mainstream media channels. If you are not aware of it, it can be easily used to manipulate you.

Some terms that keep popping up are “fake news”, “vaccine hesitancy”, and “the new normal.” In this article I specifically want to address the use of these three terms, because it is important to know what is really meant with this.

Fake News

The term “fake news” is not only used for wild stories about people which have no factual foundation, for example claiming that person X is a pedofile who is actually a shape-shifting reptilian alien who came to earth to enslave everyone.

“Fake news” about the COVID-19 outbreak is also any news which is not in accord with the official statements of the World Health Organization. This means that anything you write about treatment of COVID-19 instead of vaccination will be considered “fake news.”

Imagine that! You are a trained doctor, who is doing scientific research about a possible medicine which can stop people from dying from COVID-19. You get undeniable positive results and put a peer reviewed scientific paper about this online. And it gets blocked!

According to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube this information is fake news. Fake news! Something that could save the lives of the old and vulnerable people we know is kept off the radar screen for the majority of humanity. Who profits from this deception?

Vaccine Hesitancy

The idea of those who are ushering in the Great Reset is to make sure that the big majority, if not everyone, on the planet is vaccinated against COVID-19. It does not matter that over 99% of those who get infected with the virus survive without vaccinations, this is the goal.

If you are not voluntarily lining up to get your shot, you will be labeled as someone who is suffering from “vaccine hesitancy”, about which I already wrote a post. And it does not matter what your reasons are, you will be put under pressure to take the vaccine.

What are these vaccines anyway? Experimental vaccines, made with an emergency procedure, for which the manufacturers have received complete freedom from prosecution, if there are any negative side-effects. Made for a flu-like disease with a mortality rate of about 0,26 percent.

In the Netherlands, where I live, I understand that somewhere between one third and half of the people are “vaccine hesitant.” That makes it sound less like a psychological disorder, and more like a valid choice, doesn’t it? Please do your research before you get in line for a shot.

The New Normal

Keeping your distance from people, wear a face mask, don’t kiss or shake hands or touch. Work at home as much as possible. Don’t come together in groups. Don’t travel if you don’t need to. Never have our lives changed so much in such a short period of time.

There are many who call this “the new normal”, as a scripted statement from the World Economic Forum speeches. This is what things are going to look like from now on. You better get used to it, because this is “the new normal.”

Saner minds quickly addressed this nonsense, and proclaimed that “at worst” this should be a “temporary abnormal”, not “the new normal.” You do not lock down all of humanity, and certainly not indefinitely, for a flu-like disease. This is absurd. It is clear that there are political and financial motives involved.

The great reset is happening, and it is happening right now. If you believe that news about medicines against COVID-19 is fake news, that vaccine hesitancy is a psychological disorder, and that the new normal is normal, please think again and do your own research.

My New Gab Account

In my search for options to share information with the world, without being censored, I have for the moment settled on having this blog hosted in Switzerland, by Infomaniak, on having my own Bitchute channel and a Gab account. 

Another option I contemplated was using Telegram, which I believe is a very beautiful service, but I have read too many stories about the possibility that this may be censored very soon too, just like Parler, and removed from the Apple and Google platforms. I do hope that I am wrong about this.

My Mastodon account got censored,  so that leaves me with BitChute and Gab for the moment. I believe that these accounts can help me to reach a lot of people, since more and more people decide to leave Big Tech, for good reasons.

Gab has received a lot of bad publicity in the mainstream media, where Gab has been depicted as a platform for fascists and conspiracy nuts. My experiences with Gab have been very positive so far, so I believe I have found a good place to share whatever I have to share.

“At Gab, we believe that the future of online publishing is decentralized and open. We believe that users of social networks should be able to control their social media experience on their own terms, rather than the terms set down by Big Tech….”

“Gab.com strives to be the home of free speech online. We work on Gab Social 100% of the time as our full-time jobs. We positively encourage you to either join us on Gab.com or to spin up your own Gab Social server that you control to help take back control of the Web for the People.”

I invite you to join Gab and give it a try. It is time to leave platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube behind us, and turn to alternatives which have a more transparent and humanistic approach to social media. And while you are there, please check out my Gab account too! 

The Future of Vaccines

In doing research for my blog, I have started to follow quite a few websites. One of the best websites I found is The Corbett Report,  a very informative website made by James Corbett. It is clear that James is very well informed about many subjects, including vaccination.

He has also made the best video that I know about the COVID-19 vaccinations, and the implications that introducing these new types of vaccinations to humanity may have. Instead of writing another article about vaccinations, I will just show this brilliant documentary here.

“If the Gateses and the Faucis and the representatives of the international medical establishment get their way, life will not return to normal until the entire planet is vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2. What many do not yet understand, however, is that the vaccines that are being developed for SARS-Cov-2 are unlike any vaccines that have ever been used on the human population before. And, as radically different as these vaccines appear, they represent only the very beginning of a complete transformation of vaccine technology that is currently taking place in research labs across the planet. This is a study of The Future of Vaccines.” 



Polar Bears Are Doing Fine

One of the recurring themes in the global warming news is the story of the polar bears. How the lives of polar bears are being threatened, their habitats destroyed, and so on. When I follow the mainstream news, I only hear sad stories about these lovely animals.

I have pointed out in previous posts that although there are genuine problems with the way nature is being treated on our planet, the theme of global warming is a political theme, and therefore it is not free of disinformation and manipulation.

In this scenario, it is good news to find a website of an expert who can tell us that the polar bears are doing fine. I encourage you to listen to what Susan Crockford, a zoologist with more than 35 years experience  has to say about polar bears.

“Here you’ll find polar bear science without advocacy, fearmongering or spin. Most importantly, there will be no predictions about the future of polar bears!” Visit website.

In a very predictable way, Susan Crockford has been attacked for speaking out about the polar bears, because she has been contradicting the opinions of the moral majority who use polar bears as tools for changing environmental policies and influencing public opinion.

Fear mongering has been widely used in the area of global warming. If you want to change the behavior of people, using fear is the easiest way to do it. Fearful people will be much more eager to follow whatever they believe will help to reduce or eliminate the threat.

For me, the main thing that this single example points out is that it is very important to not follow blindly what the mainstream media is presenting to me. We all have to do our own research. Don’t be manipulated into following those who use fear mongering to support their agendas.

The WHO & Vaccinations

One of the key players in the COVID-19 outbreak and the fear pandemic that we are currently experiencing is the World Health Organization. And anyone who has followed the news around the WHO will have noticed that the full focus is on developing vaccines, not medicines.

“The world is in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic. As WHO and partners work together on the response — tracking the pandemic, advising on critical interventions, distributing vital medical supplies to those in need— they are racing to develop and deploy safe and effective vaccines.”
Source: WHO website.

I have looked on the WHO website for information on possible treatments of COVID-19, and Ivermectin is mentioned as a medicine, but not specifically for COVID-19, and Hydroxychloroquine is only mentioned as a drug that is not effective in treating COVID-19.

It is truly amazing that in a world where many doctors have proven with scientific research, and undeniable results, that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are effective in the treatment of COVID-19, the leading health organization simply ignores these facts.

The WHO has a history of favoring vaccines in promoting health, and of diminishing the possible negative effects of vaccines in their communications to the public. The WHO is also almost completely ignoring the option of using medicines to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

When looking at the how and why of this seeming conflicting way of dealing with a health crisis, a record of the sponsoring of the WHO clarifies this unbalanced view. The WHO is heavily sponsored by organizations aimed at promoting vaccines.

In the “Top 20 contributors to the WHO for the 2018/2019 biennium”  you can find that in these two years, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored the WHO for 455 million USD, and the GAVI Alliance for another 389 million USD.

It would be naïve to think that such a big sponsoring has no effect on the decisions of an organization. What is the relationship between the WHO and Big Pharma? Does the behavior of the WHO as an organization reflect independence or a clear focus on vaccinations?

It is of critical importance that you do your own research on these things. Check out what is happening worldwide with treatment of COVID-19 related to Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Then decide for yourself if the WHO is primarily interested in your health.

My New BitChute Account

Now that I am blogging for a bit more than one month about “the Great Reset”, and how to constructively respond to this, I have also been looking for none-censored social media channels to promote my blog.

This was not easy, as the most common options, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, all have been heavily censored lately. This censorship not only relates to wild speculation about COVID-19 but also to factual information.

To learn more about this increased censorship, please check out the wonderful website “Reclaim the net.” Here you will find many well-researched articles about the way Big Tech is censoring free speech across the board.

I am grateful that there are those who do not comply with this censorship, and still promote free speech, in the true sense. One of these social media channels is BitChute, and I have opened an account there to promote my website.

“Welcome to BitChute, a peer-to-peer content sharing platform and associated services. BitChute aims to put creators first and provide them with a service that they can use to flourish and express their ideas freely.”
Visit website. 

I have to admit I see myself more as a blogger than a vlogger, so I am just getting used to talking in front of the camera. That being said, it is of critical importance that this type of information is shared to as many people as possible, even if the presentation is not perfect.

So please check out my BitChute channel  which I intend to update on a regular, at least weekly basis, and share these videos and posts on social media channels, preferably there were they won’t get censored. Thank you!

The Relentless Push for Worldwide Vaccinations

For politicians and mainstream media, 2020 has been the year of the COVID-19 outbreak and the lockdowns which followed, as the main thing happening that year. It does not matter that wars and hunger had a bigger impact on the planet, 2020 was declared, “The Year of COVID-19.”

Anyone not spending his days meditating in a cave will have been confronted with the incessant news and updates about the spread of COVID-19. Plus all the posts on social media, including the jokes, debates, opinions and memes.

All jokes aside, what made the COVID-19 outbreak the central theme of 2020, if worse things were happening at the planet last year? The reason is that the COVID-19 outbreak was used as an excuse to launch “The Great Reset” by a global elite.

One thing on the agenda of the Great Reset is to get everyone on the planet vaccinated against COVID-19. Considering the low IFR of COVID-19, especially for younger people, this is a highly questionable goal, from the perspective of protecting the health of the people.

Yet, if everyone goes along with this idea, the pharmaceutical industry will not make millions but billions of dollars, and political institutions will have more power and new tools to control people. Vaccine passports, mandatory testing, forced quarantines for the disobedient, you name it.

In the first months of the COVID-19 outbreak I was flabbergasted about the harsh attacks upon Dr. Rob Elens, MD, a Dutch doctor who treated patients with hydroxychloroquine with very good results.  He was ridiculed and attacked for it.

Only later I understood that the pharmaceutical industry would have to fight this, because according to FDA regulations they would not have been able to produce vaccines with an emergency procedure, if a working medicine was available. THAT would have meant a loss of billions of dollars.

The exact same is happening now with Ivermectin. A small percentage of the world is vaccinated with the experimental vaccines, developed with an emergency procedure. A good alternative to vaccination is treating people who get infected with COVID-19 with Ivermectin.

Yet, if this would become commonly accepted, as many studies suggest we should, there would not be a need to vaccinate everyone. So there would also be no need for immune passports, for extreme lockdowns, or for martial law.

What else can I conclude from this that this is not about my health or yours, but about money and political power? The push for worldwide vaccination is an organized attack upon our freedom. If you believe otherwise, please contact me and tell me why you believe this.

“Stay Safe!” or “Stay Free!”

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, I often hear people say to me, “Stay safe!” Now I do appreciate the loving intention behind this wish, but I have come to the point where I believe that it would be better if we wished each other to “Stay free!”

My reason for starting this blog is that I noticed that there was a tremendous difference between the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the out of proportion measures taken to stop this outbreak from spreading. Lockdowns, masks and social distancing, evening clock, martial law.

Where is this heading? This in really no longer about controlling the spread of a flu-like disease with a low mortality rate. This is an operation set up by global players, political institutions and think tanks, and it is called “The Great Reset.”

The Great Reset is an attack upon our freedom. The ones who are currently rolling out the Great Reset did not ask my opinion or your opinion about whether this is okay or not. The COVID-19 outbreak is used as an excuse to limit basic freedom and human rights for everyone.

The chance of getting COVID-19 and dying from it is less than 1%. The number of people on this planet who are already experiencing lack of freedom because of the worldwide lockdowns is close to a 100%. So what would be the most appropriate wish to give someone?

Let’s get a clear perspective on this. The fear pandemic and the worldwide lockdowns are far worse than the threat of the COVID-19 outbreak. There is an organized attack on our freedom happening right now, and we have to respond in a constructive way to stop it.

There are many things we can do. Get informed, sign petitions, join online and offline groups who value freedom, take legal action, vote for politicians who are against lockdowns, share good information, and so on. Many big and small steps that will help turn this around.

One of the small steps I propose is to stop saying “Stay safe!” to each other, and instead to say “Stay free!” This will remind us all where our focus should be. This is no excuse to neglect the vulnerable members of our society, but a clear call to value both our health and freedom.