Aren’t Masks Biohazardous Waste?

The reason I started this blog in the first place was because what I was witnessing in the world made little sense to me anymore. On the one hand, we had the COVID-19 “pandemic,” a relatively mild threat, on the other hand the worldwide lockdowns and fear mongering. There was such a big gab between these two things that it baffled me.

I had to dive into this to find out what was really happening. In my research, I have stumbled over many things that clarified that this is not about your health or mine. And the best explanation I have found, for all this otherwise inexplainable rhetoric, is that the great reset is actually happening, and that this is not a good thing.

Seen from the perspective of the great reset, things made sense again. There is an information war going on related to the COVID-19 outbreak, which is used as an excuse to usher in a technocratic dictatorship. A big game is played, on a global scale, and it is all about the gaining of more power and control for the ruling elite.

Witnessing this power game it also becomes very obvious how flawed the empty rhetoric is related to the COVID-19 outbreak. PCR tests don’t work. The vaccines don’t work. Lockdowns don’t work. The vaccinated even have a higher risk of dying at the moment. The whole narrative of the great reset is falling to pieces as we speak.

One simple thing that caught my attention recently is the mouth mask disposal. IF COVID-19 is such a dangerous disease, and IF these mouth masks are really helpful to prevent the spread, why are people allowed to simply throw the masks into ordinary waste bins? Is this not biohazardous material, if COVID-19 is such a big threat?

“Biohazard waste is short for biohazardous waste and is also known as biomedical waste. Biohazard waste is any biological waste that is potentially infectious.” If COVID-19 is such a dangerous disease, and if the virus is caught in the mouth masks worn by people, shouldn’t we collect these masks in special containers and burn them?

At this moment, mouth masks are being treated the same way you use a tissue when you have a cold. You use it, and then throw it in the bin, or you just thrown it down on the street, if it is too much trouble for you to find a bin. And at some point the waste will be collected, and the streets will be cleaned, after whatever microbes that are on the masks had the time to spread out.

If the COVID-19 pandemic was really “the biggest problem humanity is facing since World War Two,” I am sure that you would find specific wastebaskets for biohazardous materials on every street corner, in every shop, in every office building. Yet this is not the case. COVID-19 is not a very dangerous disease. Mouth masks are just another tool for manipulating you. Wake up!