All Lives Matter

When I first heard about the Black Lives Matter movement, after the death of George Floyd, I thought it was a very positive movement. I even shared a post about it on my Facebook account. Now I have both left Facebook and changed my mind about the BLM movement.

After reading more news about the BLM movement, it became clear that the values on which this movement are based are not humanistic. This is not about ending racism, but about promoting a militant activism for black people, as a separate group. And for me, all lives matter.

There are persistent rumors that the BLM is nothing but another tool to disrupt society, and meant to serve as another way to facilitate the great reset. And sponsored for that reason by George Soros, as was suggested in the Fall of the Cabal. 

This was also suggested in an article in the Herland Report: 
“It looks like it pays off for Black Lives Matter to serve the interests of the ultra-rich, which seems to be to divide the American population into sub-groups according to race and color of skin–an archaic racist attitude also practiced among the NAZIS–and make everyone hate each other.”

Until it is clearer for me where BLM stands, I will stick to the “All Lives Matter” slogan. And it is a danger sign that there are BLM supporters who are offended by this. How could you be offended by such a general humanistic statement, unless you have a hidden agenda?

Perhaps the most revealing statement comes from someone who has actually been part of the BLM and left. What he has to say boils down to the simple fact that BLM doesn’t care about black people. Check out his statement below and decide if you (still) want to support BLM.

“A Black Lives Matter chapter founder in Minnesota has resigned, claiming that the organization isn’t concerned about helping black communities or helping improve the education quality in Minneapolis, according to a video published last week.”