About Operation Paperclip

When I went to high-school, the second world war was a big topic during my history classes. We learned all about the Holocaust and the horrors of the Nazi regime. And we were also told that after the war, there was a Nuremberg Trial, where the nazis were being held accountable.

Fast forward to 2021. I am doing research about the great reset, and that involves doing research on who really runs the world. Who is in charge behind the scenes? Who is orchestrating what is happening in the world, and how are they doing this? And I stumble upon Operation Paperclip.

What is Operation Paperclip? “During Operation Paperclip, the records of premier German scientists were expunged so that they could secretly work in American labs to give the U.S. a leg up over the Soviets in the Cold War. …Operation Paperclip, a covert intelligence project that brought over 1,600 Nazi scientists to the United States for research.” 

So no trials for these guys. A clean slate, a green card, a new life. “We don’t care what you have done in the past, as long as you will work for Uncle Sam!” What have these guys done, what kind of nazi crimes have they committed in the past? We will never know.

What really happened at the Nuremberg trials then? Some of the most notorious nazi leaders were put on trial, for the world to believe that these crimes would not go unpunished. A public show to give the people the idea that the war was really over, and justice would be done.

“The crimes charged before the Nuremberg courts were crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and conspiracy to commit any of the foregoing crimes. In all, 199 defendants were tried at Nuremberg, 161 were convicted and 37 were sentenced to death,….”

There you have it. For every nazi that was put on trial, ten nazis received a green card. And this was kept secret for decades. The public was not informed about any of this, because our governments don’t need to inform their people and they don’t have to play by the rules.

To help everyone feel better, the Nuremberg Trials were set up. For the public perception, these “big trials” were done, and some people were sentenced. In reality, the power games continued, and the second world war blended right away into the cold war.

I believe that my history lessons would have been a lot more interesting if I would have been told about Operation Paperclip. It would have given me a much bigger understanding about what kind of world I am living in. A world where governments hide what they do for their people.

It all boils down to some simple questions. Are governments there for the people? Or are people there to serve their governments? The great reset makes it clear that our governments, at least the highest players, believe that the people are there to serve the governments.

Whether you like it or not, this is the world you are living in. This is the society we are facing right now. And I am grateful that there are many who support the idea of a parallel society, followed by a big change in how our current society is run. It is really time for the great clean-up.