About Marc van Ranst

Marc van Ranst, a virologist from Belgium, was in the news the last couple of days because he had to go in hiding, after receiving death threats. “Belgian police are searching for a heavily armed man who is on the country’s terror list for sympathizing with the extreme right, after they say he made threats against one of the country’s top virologists and others.” Source: Politico EU 

I do not condone violence. Even though I realize there are many top scientists who support the great reset with their influence and reputations, only for the gaining of power and money, this is still no excuse to use violence to end the great reset. I do not condone violence.

That being said, I understand that there are individuals who draw the attention of those who are frustrated with the way they are being manipulated in this big political game called the great reset. And Marc van Ranst has put himself center stage with a highly controversial video.

In this video Marc van Ranst basically shows people how you can manipulate the whole population of a country to become fearful about a virus, and how you can influence their behavior during a pandemic, real or perceived. This is a short version of this video.

How to Sell a Pandemic?

This is not a fake video. All the material is taken from the original video, as it is posted on the European Scientific Working group on Influenza website, under the title, “Marc Van Ranst–Communication and public engagement.”

Please check out this material, because it sheds a lot of light on how elitists, people who work on the highest levels of politics, businesses, or scientific institutions relate to the average person, and how they think the average person should be addressed.

The arrogance and disdain which Marc van Ranst is displaying is not an excuse for violence. The solution to the great reset is still to take meaningful action.  And if you have more ideas on how to peacefully and effectively resist the great reset, then please let me know.