About Central Bank Digital Currency

The great reset is not just about getting everyone vaccinated, and having more control over people by administering vaccine passports. It is a complete change of how the world will be governed, by a one world government. And part of this change is a new digital currency.

“A central bank digital currency (CBDC) is the virtual format of a fiat currency for a particular nation or region. It is an electronic record or digital token of the official currency and is issued and is regulated by its monetary authority.”

“The main advantages of CBDCs are that they can simplify the implementation of monetary and fiscal policy and promote financial inclusion in an economy by bringing the unbanked into the financial system. The main disadvantages of CBDCs are that they are a centralized form of currency and can erode the privacy of citizens.”
Source: investopedia.com

The introduction of CBDCs would give those in power much more power about the people in general. This is not a private kind of currency. The nature of CBDCs is that every financial transaction you do can be tracked. This is the end of private currency.

As stated on Finyear,  “The development of the CBDC should not be celebrated, because it is not a victory for cryptocurrencies. CBDC is more like a credit card and the banks have absolute power over it. You don’t want the central authority to “cut you off” if you don’t follow the rules.”

How can CBDCs give governments more power over people? Please check out the video below, “Great Reset & CBDCs: The Global Elite’s Plan!!”, which gives a good explanation about the many ways this could be done. If you love freedom, I think you will agree that CBDCs are a bad idea, and that we have to fight against this development.