About Agorism

A while ago there were elections in the Netherlands, and those who are concerned about the great reset were hopeful that this election would change something over here. However, not much change happened. A shift in how people voted was noticed, but the established powers just keep doing what they are doing, ignoring the minority protesting the globalization.

One of the political parties which has opposed the lockdowns from the start made a statement that nothing had changed, and that what we really need is a parallel society. The current political system is corrupt to the core, and it will have to be replaced entirely, to make a genuine change. And I believe this to be true. The current system is bought and rigged.

While doing research on the parallel society I stumbled on the term “Agorism.” What is Agorism? “Agorism is revolutionary market anarchism. In a market anarchist society, law and security would be provided by market actors instead of political institutions. Agorists recognize that situation can not develop through political reform. Instead, it will arise as a result of market processes.”

Agorism is a combination of the Libertarian philosophy and counter-economics. A political movement to reduce the power of the state, combined with doing business outside of the state-controlled monetary system, by using alternative currencies, for example. Agorism is a way to restore freedom and power to the people.

Now I won’t say that this is the perfect system, but it is a very interesting idea to implement. Those who are aware of the great reset being rolled out will at least agree that SOMETHING has to change. Maybe Agorism is the model we need, or could use, to implement this change. At the very least, this is something to consider, with our current malfunctioning political and media systems.

So I recommend that you check out the Agorism website to read more about this interesting philosophy. I have also added a video (Sorry, again from YouTube, no other versions available) with an interesting interview with Tome Woods about Agorism, check it out.