A Sweet Victory Against Lockdown Tyranny

In trying times, you find out who really has the character and spirit to stand up for freedom, human rights, and human dignity. And maybe we expect the big and tough guys to do this, but sometimes it may look quite different.

One of the unexpected freedom warriors is Fiona Lashells, one could say. She “is a brave 8-year-old who, with her parents’ support, waged an epic campaign of civil disobedience which ultimately ended in a victory for her — and all who cherish personal liberty.”

I highly encourage you to watch the Rumble video below for information and encouragement in your personal battle for universal freedom. This may change your mind about anyone being too small, weak or unprepared to do something about this.

Fiona Lashells, a student in Palm Beach County, confronts the school board over her 38 suspensions for refusing to wear a mask.