A Message to Law Enforcement Officers

We are about 15 months in the “COVID-19 pandemic”, and the effects of the fear pandemic and the great reset are becoming more and more clear to everyone who has eyes to see. There is an information war going on and in this conflict no one can be neutral.

For some, this war is not just about information. Law enforcement officers are in the front-lines, whenever there are protest, or when lockdown measures need to be enforced, according to the politicians who jump every time the World Economic Forum says “Jump!”

In the Netherlands, where I live, there are strong indications that police officers receive the instruction to take firm action against the peaceful protesters against the lockdowns. There are even clear indications that undercover agents are being used to provoke violence.

The way this is done is always roughly the same. In a group of peaceful protesters, a group of law enforcement officers in plain civilian clothes start making a lot of noise, start pushing and shoving, or throwing with things. Then the uniformed police start to take action.

Lawsuits against the way the Dutch government is using the police have already started, for example by the BPOC2020 (Dutch website), an organization which works together with the team of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who leads the worldwide “Coronavirus Crimes Against Humanity” lawsuit.

While these lawsuits are on their way, it is still up to every police officer to make a choice. Do you want to be a puppet of the architects of the great reset? Or do you want to serve and protect your fellow man whenever you are wearing your uniform?

It is not easy to make choices which go against the (illegal) pressure which comes from above. Yet I am sure that all those who have chosen to wear a uniform in their heart only want to serve and protect, and make this world a better place. This desire lives in everyone wearing the blue.

If you are a police officer, then this is my personal message to you. Please do whatever it takes to stick to this, to serve and protect. If you are being put under pressure to deviate from this noble cause, then resist it in any way you can.

Contact your police union. Become a whistleblower, either openly or anonymously. Resign from the job if you have to. It may help when there are no more police officers left to carry out the suppression of people. Organize counter movements. Join in the peaceful protests yourself.

Please do not give in to fear, or the idea that this is just a temporary thing, the lockdown protests, because they are not. We are either on the road to freedom or on the road to tyranny. A lot of this depends on your choices. So please choose to serve and to protect.