The Five Stages of Vaccine Safety Rhetoric

It is quite absurd, that when vaccines are developed ten times faster than usual, with some of the normal standards skipped in an emergency procedure, to claim that the vaccines will be safe. Yet this is exactly what the pharmaceutical companies and politicians have done.

I have recognized now four steps in this process of communicating about the COVID-19 vaccine safety. I also think that the fifth step is quite predictable. This is just a model of the communication with which we are confronted. Use it if you find it helpful.

These are the kinds of statements which have been made to us by the mainstream media, by politicians and spokespeople of the WHO and national health organizations. They keep popping up time and time again, as scripted language, and I believe you will recognize them.

Phase One

“The vaccines are safe. Responsible companies develop them through rigorous safety procedures, and there is nothing to worry about.”
The standard story told to us by governments, pharmaceutical companies, and the corporate owned mainstream media. “Vaccines are safe. COVID-19 is dangerous! Vaccines are safe.”

Phase Two

“Some people report side-effects, but we are not sure this can be attributed to the vaccines. These are just rumors, and we cannot be sure that there are any side-effects at all.”
When the first side-effects to the COVID-19 vaccinations appeared, there was immediately a response of denial. “Maybe this is caused by the vaccinations, but we are not sure.”

Phase Three

“There are some side-effects caused by the vaccines, but nothing really dangerous. When something serious happened, this must have been caused by an underlying disease.”
The more serious side-effects of the jab are not acknowledged, like miscarriages, severe neurological problems, and even people dying. “There must already have been a problem.”

Phase Four

“The vaccines have side-effects, people get ill and people die, but only in very small numbers. Much smaller numbers than an uncontrolled COVID-19 outbreak would cause.”
Especially around the AstraZeneca vaccinations, there has been clear evidence that people have died from blood cloths caused by the jab. Yet the response is, “This is only a very small number of people, many more would have died, if we had not vaccinated everyone.”

Phase Five

“More people die from the vaccines than from COVID-19. We could not possibly know that this would happen. We acted responsibly, based on the data that was available at the time.”
More and more evidence is surfacing about severe side-effects of vaccinations, about overrating the COVID-19 death toll and underrating the COVID-19 vaccination death toll. This statement will be used if the vaccinations turn out more dangerous than the COVID-19 itself, as I believe it will.

The COVID-19 vaccines are experimental vaccines, and this vaccination campaign is part of the great reset, a big political game to gain more control about humanity and to turn our world into a technocratic society. This has obviously nothing to do with your health or mine.

Be aware that when you are confronted with empty rhetoric like this, that you are being manipulated. All these five phases and the corresponding statements are lies. The architects of this push to vaccinate the entire world population belong in jail, not behind a microphone.