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Recently I discovered a wonderful website from an organisation dedicated “to aid in the creation of a free society, a world with freedom from want and freedom of expression, a world without oppression or hierarchy, where power is shared equally.”

As stated on the Riseup website:  “We believe it is vital that essential communication infrastructure be controlled by movement organizations and not corporations or the government.”

The great reset has made it abundantly clear that corporations or governments cannot be trusted to always focus on the best interests of the people. This means that we still live in a world where organizations like “The Riseup Collective” are needed.

Which tools does this platform offer?
Secure email
Mailing lists for organizations
Private chat
VPN services
Secure file sharing
Group collaboration tools

Please check out the Riseup website for more details on what they offer. Watch the fundraising video below and if you have the means, please support this wonderful initiative. Stay free and help everyone else to stay free too!

A Republic or a Democracy?

I was brought up with the idea that democracy is the highest form of government, the most just and the most honest. I literally didn’t doubt that this was true for the first thirty years of my life, fully convinced that every other form of government was inferior to democracy.

Then one day I stumbled upon a quote that really made me think about this ideal of democracy. “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb, voting on what to have for lunch.”(Most-often attributed to Benjamin Franklin)  In this situation, things don’t look good for the lamb.

This is of course a situation we recognize in democratic countries all around the world. Minorities have little to say about what is happening in politics, and are often marginalized, ignored, or discriminated against. Democracy only works really well for the majority.

If a democratic system is not the solution, then what is? I am leaning more and more towards the system of the republic. The main reason for this is that when you set up a republic, as they did this in the USA, there is far more focus on individual sovereignty.

Yes, all kinds of decisions are made by the elected officials, but they always have to be in harmony with the constitution, which cannot be violated. This limits the power of the government, which is exactly the reason the constitution was written in the first place.

Discussing the pro’s and cons of democracies versus republics immediately gets us to the core of the matter. Are the people there to serve the government, or is the government there to serve the people? If serving the people is the goal, then the power should be given to the people.

Source image.

In the Netherlands we have seen many strange things happening in recent years. Backroom deals to join the European Union. The government lying about the presence of nuclear arms on Dutch soil. Massive spying on the Dutch citizens by the Dutch intelligence agencies. And so on.

The Netherlands is a democracy, with a government which is hardly restricted in its actions, as for example recent changes in the laws related to the evening curfew show us. Would all the things that I mentioned also have happened in a republic where people really have some power?

I believe it is time to evaluate what we should do after the big clean-up, which will have to follow the end of the great reset. I think the Netherlands should not be a democracy and monarchy anymore, but become a republic. And maybe all other countries should become republics too.

Gun Control or Freedom

Years ago, I was fully convinced that gun control was a good idea. Regularly I saw news about yet another lone gunman in the USA shooting up a shopping mall, killing many people. And I did not understand that common people were still allowed to have guns in the USA.

Now, after doing more research on the great reset, and on the powers which rule this planet, things become more clear to me. Yes, it is horrible when these shootings happen, for all those involved. And yet, even something more horrible may happen when you outlaw guns.

Check out this “Gun Control Hall of Fame” (Source:

Does that mean that everyone who is in favor of gun control is a potential tyrant? Of course not. I have seen heartbreaking videos from mothers who had their children killed in such shootings, pleading for gun control, to stop these things from happening. And I truly feel for them.

That being said, now that the great reset is being rolled out, I must say that I am against gun control. In the Netherlands, we don’t have the freedom to carry guns (yet). Maybe this will come too, and I will vote in favor of this. Not to promote violence, but to oppose tyranny.

As part of the great reset, gun control is being promoted again. It looks like history is trying to repeat itself, unless we stop this. Joe Biden, America’s “Big Pharma boy”, is doing his best to disarm the US citizens, saying, “…‘No Amendment to the Constitution Is Absolute’ “ 

I predict that Joe Biden will have great difficulty with changing the nation’s ideas about gun control. As a traditionally freedom loving country, many USA citizens will protest this vehemently. Many Americans will literally only let their guns be pried from their cold, dead hands. 

This is a tough subject. On the one hand, I am all in favor of peaceful actions and none-violent solutions. On the other hand, history makes it really quite clear what happens to those who blindly follow leaders who insist on gun control. Do you want history to repeat itself?

Let us not surrender our guns, if we have them. If not allowed to possess guns, let us plead for the right to bear arms for everyone, worldwide. Let’s not voluntarily give up the possible obstacles to the carrying out the great reset. Let’s choose for freedom, for everyone.



One on One Activism

How do you stop the great reset? How do you communicate to people that the COVID-19 outbreak is being used by an elite to get much more control over this world and everyone who lives on this planet? What is an effective strategy to do this?

Looking at this from different angles, I believe that the simple one-on-one talks with the people around me may be one of the best ways to do this. Friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers you meet on the streets or in public transport. Every contact is an opportunity.

Some of the opening statements I have used, and which you can use of course, are these:
Do you believe that these lockdown measures really make sense?
Do you believe COVID-19 is a very dangerous disease?
Do you believe that this COVID-19 outbreak is really the biggest problem since World War Two?

And then you just see what happens. Depending on the reaction, you just continue the conversation. Maybe you share some websites you found, or a brochure you picked up somewhere. Especially, try to make it clear that the “one story” has flaws in it.

With the “one story,” I mean the general blah blah story that we are now so familiar with:
“COVID-19 is a very dangerous disease! Everyone needs to be vaccinated as soon as possible! And until that is done, lockdowns are the best solution, no matter how uncomfortable they are!”

I believe more and more people are starting to doubt that this story is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And these one-on-one conversations can really help to increase the part of the population that engages in critical thinking about the situation.

When more people engage in critical thinking, it is only natural that they will start to do more research on the topic. This usually leads to looking for answers from alternative resources, and the joining of online and offline groups that want to end the great reset as quickly as possible.

Don’t understand me wrong. I do not want to convince people to follow blindly what I write. I only want people to stop blindly following ANYONE. This alone will stop the great reset dead in its tracks. One on one activism is just one of the ways to achieve this. So please try it. Thank you!

The Parallel Society

In the news about the great reset on social media platforms and alternative news outlets, the term “parallel society” keeps popping up. An interesting development, which really deserves our attention. What is “the parallel society” anyway?

The way I understand it is that instead of fighting with the established order of things, alternative options are being developed, parallel to existing options. This gives people the option to choose for the alternative, with no one having to go to battle for this to happen.

Examples of the alternative options being developed for the parallel society are:

  • Social media platforms like MeWe and Gab, as an alternative to Facebook.
  • Alternative currencies like cryptocurrency, as an alternative to established money options.
  • Alternative messenger options like Signal and Telegram, as an alternative to WhatsApp.
  • Alternative news options like instead of the mainstream media.
  • Development and expansion of the Dark Web, as an alternative for the regular Internet.
  • Development of freedom cells, instead of depending on the government.
  • Switching to natural healing methods instead of depending on Big Pharma.
  • Returning to self-sufficiency through developing prepping skills instead of being dependent.
  • Learning secure and encrypted ways of communicating, rather than using Big Tech options.
  • Opening accounts with small, socially responsible banks instead of using big corporate banks.

The general thought behind this development is that the current society and the systems that are being used now are so corrupted that it will all fall apart anyway. Big Tech, Big Pharma, our monetary system, the mainstream media, all have had their time and will collapse at some point.

A clear advantage that I see in this development is that it gives power to the people, a novel way to decide how to live our lives. If I just protest the current state of affairs, I will be bound by the rules that our current society sets for this. I can vote once every four years and that’s it.

Yes, I can also demonstrate on the times and places where this is allowed, only to find out that the mainstream media reports this as another gathering of conspiracy nuts. I have not joined these restricted demonstrations yet, because I don’t believe this is the best way forward.

That does not mean I have all the answers, of course. I am still searching for the best ways to take action. Meaningful action, to make it clear to everyone that we are not dealing with an extremely dangerous virus, but with an extremely dangerous and well-organized global political game.

This game is the great reset, and a way to deflate the great reset is to develop a parallel society. This needs to be a better alternative for everyone, based on humanistic values, not on greed and power and loss of human rights. An “everyone society”, not an “elite society.”

This is just a global introduction to the parallel society. It is worthwhile to do more research on this interesting topic. And I am grateful for everyone who is actively involved in helping to develop this parallel society, to offer a better perspective to humanity. Thank you!

Please Leave Facebook

Much has been written about Facebook, by those who value privacy and human rights. In the past few years Facebook has been in the news in so many negative ways, that I am often surprised that there are still people hanging out on this “human-unfriendly” platform.

I do understand that leaving Facebook has some disadvantages. Since I left, there are some people with whom I hardly have contact anymore. If you want to have simple, superficial contact with a lot of people, Facebook is an interesting option.

Still, there are many good reasons to leave, and to move to alternative social media platforms like MeWe or Gab. Here are the three main reasons I see for leaving Facebook now, regardless of the risk of losing those who only contact people on Facebook.

1. Censorship

Facebook actively censors any information you put on your Facebook account, for example information which is not in line with what the WHO writes about the current COVID-19 outbreak. More and more doctors and scientists openly say they don’t agree with the WHO, but you won’t read that on FB.

This will certainly influence those who mainly use FB for information. If you are pounded with the “We all need to be vaccinated, vaccines are safe” rhetoric, then you will be influenced by this. Even if you are not aware of this, subconsciously you will be affected. Read more about Facebook censorship. 

2. No Respect For Privacy

Even when you have only a free account, and never buy anything through FB adds, your personal data will still be harvested by Facebook, and sold to those who want to have targeted add campaigns on this platform. FB has the same lack of respect for privacy that Google displays.

The most striking example of this harvesting of personal data was exposed when “Open Graph,” a Facebook platform, enabled “Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm, to collect vast amounts of personal information and use it to attempt to sway voters. They were eventually exposed and given a huge fine of $5 billion by the Federal Trade Commission.”

3. No Data Security

This is the reason I was triggered to write this article now. “Half a billion Facebook users’ information posted on hacking website,…” Companies who collect your private information are responsible for handling this information with care. Facebook obviously doesn’t do that.

One could say that these kinds of breaches can happen to anyone, but a company with this level of financial means can easily prevent data breaches by investing money into data security measures which are airtight. It is just a matter of investing money to protect customers. And not investing the money needed shows disdain for all those who trust you with private data.

A censored platform, with no respect for your privacy, where your personal data is sold and turned into money, and your private information is not secure. Do you really want to keep hanging out there? The censorship alone should be enough reason to check out and leave.

Censorship DOES influence people deeply. You have to understand that. Maybe you think it is not that bad, because you also read news on different platforms. But just like commercials have a great influence on our subconscious thoughts, so does censorship influence our opinions as well.

In this time of the great reset, and the response to this by the freedom loving part of our society, many alternatives to our current systems and services are being developed. Do not be afraid therefore to leave the old behind and embrace the new. This is how you leave Facebook:

How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account

Lockdowns Criticism from Frederick Forsyth

One of my favorite writers of all times is Frederick Forsyth, a novelist who writes in a beautifully captivating way. A very bright man who has sold more than 70 million books in his career as a novel writer. He is also a journalist and political commentator.

I am grateful that Frederick Forsyth has spoken out about the insane lockdown measures in the UK, which is fast becoming a totalitarian society. I am truly shocked about the way the UK treats its citizens, and it is good to see that also famous British citizens are speaking up.

As someone with a lot of experience as a writer and a journalist, he simply recognized that fear is been used by the politicians to subdue the entire population, in ways this was also done in history by every other totalitarian regime. This is what he has to say about it.

“Congratulations to the Telegraph and Gordon Rayner for revealing that the campaign of mass fear that reduced a once brave nation to trembling terror was deliberately organised to secure obedience to the policy of lockdown.”

“I have only once before seen anything like it. This was when I was posted to East Germany in 1962. Such a brainwashing tactic was employed to frighten East Berliners into believing that the Berlin Wall was a defensive measure to protect them from tiny West Berlin, and that the Stasi was their guardian. The wall was of course an instrument of enslavement.”

“I never thought that the government of a country whose uniform I once wore with such pride would sink so low. Those responsible should be identified without delay and ousted from all office over us.”
Read more.

Frederick Forsyth. Embarrassed about his own country. About the fear mongering and loss of basic human rights. Who can still claim there is no political game being played here? Or that the reaction of governments to the COVID-19 outbreak is rational and proportional?

When I saw the police brutality in the Netherlands, I was embarrassed about my own country too. I am very grateful that more and more famous people openly talk about their lack of support for the current worldwide lockdown measures and government tactics and policies.

So thank you, Frederick, for helping to stop the great reset. For aiding with halting this crime against humanity. For ending the biggest political game ever played. I was already grateful for your books, but I am much more grateful for your support for justice and the end of fear.

About Conspiracy Theories

I am not a conspiracy theorist and certainly not a “conspiracy nut.” I do not accept that label, and I advise anyone involved with activism against the great reset to reject this label too. Do not accept to be labeled in such a negative way in the current information war.

Thinking about conspiracy theories and the way the general public looks at things, the example of chemtrails came to mind. For years, anyone who talked about chemtrails, our governments spraying chemicals in the high atmosphere, was labeled crazy or conspiracy nuts.

Now, however, it is clear that this idea of chemtrails is not farfetched at all. The truth is out in the open. “Former CIA Director, John Brennan (2013-2017) admitted, in his own words, to the existence of government geo-engineering programs and the use of “stratospheric aerosol injection” during his 2016 speech at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).” 

There you go! They have ridiculed chemtrail whistleblowers year after year, and now the head of this highly controversial organization admits, during a meeting of a shady group with more power than most governments, that chemtrails are happening. Not nuts after all.

This also implies that those who really are in power don’t feel the need for open talk or democratic decision processes for these kinds of global decisions for humanity. If geo-engineering does not need to be discussed with the general public, what else is hidden?

Fast forward from 2016 to 2021. Chemtrails are still going on, and now the great reset is also in full swing. The COVID-19 outbreak is used as an excuse by powerful think-tanks to turn this world into a totalitarian technocratic society, with a one world government.

Again, the same thing is happening. Anyone who says that the great reset is real, and that those in power play undemocratic games with the planet and humanity are labeled conspiracy nuts. Politicians, mainstream media, think tanks, and the intelligence communities support this stigma.

Those who can really see what is going on know that we are involved in an information war. Through propaganda on the one hand, and censoring of as many alternative channels as possible on the other hand, the great reset is denied and the dangers of the COVID-19 outbreak blown out of proportion.

The good news is that it is very difficult to suppress things in the Internet age. As the opposition is trying desperately to finish rolling out the great reset, this operation is already starting to crumble down. People are rebelling against vaccines and the lockdown measures and are taking action.

I truly believe that, just like with the chemtrails, there will come a time that all the people who say that the great reset is happening, and what it really is, will be seen for what they are: people who refuse to be manipulated and cowed. And the great reset will be stopped by those people.

Coronavirus Crimes Against Humanity (Part Two)

When I first read about this lawsuit, I got really excited. The biggest lawsuit ever, and conducted by someone who has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is both competent and honest. This is really something that can turn the tides.

I also engage in outreach, and tried to get some mainstream media companies to report on this too, but I got the usual polite automated responses. Because this case is all about human rights, I then contacted the world’s biggest humanitarian organizations. I sent out this email:

Coronavirus Crimes Against Humanity Lawsuit

To whom it may concern.

As someone who has great concerns about the COVID-19 outbreak and the political reaction to this event, I am very grateful for the class action lawsuit which Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is bringing up at the moment.

More about this lawsuit on his German website:
and on my blog:

My questions to [Name Organization] about this huge lawsuit are:
Are you aware that this is currently happening?
What is your take on this matter?

I contacted Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Civil Rights Defenders, Human Rights Without Frontiers International, Physicians for Human Rights, The International Federation for Human Rights, Front Line Defenders, Open Society Foundations, Freedom House, The International Service for Human Rights, The Advocates for Human Rights, Humanity in Action, and International Society for Human Rights with this exact email. And only got ONE response!

Imagine that! The biggest lawsuit ever, concerning the human rights of everyone living on this planet. And only one organization, the Front Line Defenders, responded politely that they were busy with other things and “unable to support”. I was truly baffled at this lack of response.

Frankly, I didn’t even know that there were this many big organizations involved in human right affairs. And then no real response at all? That would mean that either these organizations believe that the whole idea behind this lawsuit is nonsense, or they are scared to get involved with this.

I think the latter is happening. Maybe this is the kind of situation comparable to a high-school which has been ruled by a big bully for a long time. Then a new kid comes to town and decides to take on the big bully. And people are scared to cheer on the new guy, but they hope he wins.

My hopes are high for this lawsuit. More and more initiatives are showing up worldwide. Protests are growing and alternative media is booming. The whole political game is starting to crumble, as it should. There is an old Chinese saying, “You cannot wrap fire in a paper.”

I will keep following this lawsuit and all the other beautiful initiatives to stop the great reset. And I encourage you to keep taking meaningful action. Spread good information. Sign petitions. Take none-violent action. And keep up the justified hope, that good will always overcome evil.

My New Meme Page

Recently I have added a meme’s page to my website, to offer another way to spread whatever information or messages I believe need to be spread. Sometimes meme’s can be more powerful than a full post, wouldn’t you agree?

Just a short post today. And from the third of April until the eleventh of April, I will be on a spiritual retreat. I won’t be active on my blog, but will send positive vibes and energy to the planet, and answer messages after I am back.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter!