Correction: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and the Nuremberg 2.0 Trials

I just returned from my summer retreat, and it was brought to my attention that Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is not (yet) starting a Nuremberg 2.0 trial. In my previous posts about him I have suggested that he IS doing this, so I have to correct this.

“For months, false reports have been circulating that the Committee or Dr. Reiner Fuellmich were in charge of hundreds of lawyers and medical professionals and that a Nuremberg 2.0 was being initiated.”

“The committee and in particular Dr. Reiner Fuellmich are not involved in such a project. Various lawsuits are pending in Germany, which originate from the Fuellmich law firm. Also, a network of international lawyers is actually providing legal advice in Corona matters, but there are no plans to restart the Nuremberg lawsuits. The Committee’s vision is to establish an International Corona Court, but its realization is currently purely conceptual.”
Source:The Liberty Beacon

I apologize for adding to the confusion. I do believe that Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is laying a solid foundation for their vision of this International Corona Court. To hear more about the legal action that he is taking with his team, please check out the video below.

In this video from October 3rd, 2020, he describes how there is no legal doubt about the possibility of a class-action lawsuit against those responsible for the lockdowns.



Out of Office – Summer Retreat

Dear readers and friends,

I just want to let you know that for the next three weeks, until July 25th, I will be out of office. I will join a spiritual retreat. Instead of daily posts, I will send you all positive waves of energy!

All the best & see you soon,
Thijs Hottenhuis

Evaluating The Great Reset

After writing this blog for about six months, I believe it is a good moment to reflect on what I learned, what has been happening, and which things are important at the moment. To summarize what I have been writing about. Because however you experience what is happening now, things will not change by themselves. We have to take meaningful action.

My basic motivation is still the same. I noticed a big gab between on the one hand the COVID-19 outbreak, a relatively mild disease with an IFR of 0,15%, and the extreme global reaction to this outbreak, in the form of a fear pandemic with worldwide lockdowns, orchestrated by politicians, the mainstream media, and all kinds of shady organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF).

I wanted to investigate this gab, and join with others who had questions about the official narrative. Soon I stumbled about “the great reset theory,” the idea that globalists wanted to use the COVID-19 outbreak as an excuse to gain more control over the world population a big grab for money and power, with the WEF as the main organizer.

Everything I have researched so far points toward the great reset. This is not a conspiracy theory of those with an overactive imagination. This is the Orwellian development the entire world is currently experiencing. The goal of the great reset is to develop a One World Government, a technocratic society, a totalitarian world mirrored in China’s image.

Now that I know what is happening, not in detail but in general content, I have to take action. Being passive while the world is falling apart is really not an option. I have to take meaningful action to resist the great reset from being rolled out completely. So the only question which remains is, what is the best meaningful action to take against the great reset?

For me, writing this blog is one of these things. I need to find good information and share it with the world. The number of people who don’t want to get vaccinated with the experimental COVID-19 vaccines is growing, and my blog has modestly contributed to this. And this is crucial, because the vaccinations will lead to vaccination passports, which will lead to tyranny.

I support the “Coronavirus Crimes Against Humanity” class action lawsuit which is being done by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his colleagues wholeheartedly. Legal action is needed, peaceful protests and petitions are helpful. Joining in online and offline groups to share ideas is important. And civil disobedience is another way to protest what is happening right now.

One-on-one actions, to inform those who only watch the mainstream media news, is another excellent opportunity to increase awareness of the great reset. When you do this, be aware that about 80% of the people have already made up their minds, to follow the authorities blindly, for whatever the reason. If people are not open to an alternative view, move on.

Besides all these activist activities, it becomes clear that a global overhaul is needed, to get freedom restored to the people. It is not enough to just boycott Big Corp whenever we can. We need a parallel society, based on forming local groups, local production, local buying, with alternative currency systems. A complete departure of the current power grid.

In the short term, the key thing is to understand that we are all in an information war, and losing this war is not an option. Take meaningful action, take peaceful action. And if things escalate to the level of forced vaccinations, defend yourself. Self defense is a basic human right. I pray that this won’t be needed though. Thank you for joining in resisting the great reset.

The World’s Water Problem Solved

I believe that my primary job is to compensate for the nonsense which the world is being offered by the mainstream media. Instead of a big push for COVID-19 vaccinations, I offer facts which caution against these experimental jabs. And instead of the doomsday scenario’s of global warming and the standard “we are all going to die soon” rhetoric, I offer news about hopeful solutions for humanity.

Something which often pops up in the news is the water shortage problem that especially many of the poorer nations is facing. And one solution to this problem that is already used is generating water from the air. Our atmosphere contains a lot of water, plenty of water for everyone. Yet one concern about this water was the question whether it is clean enough for consumption.

The good news is that this concern is proven to be invalid now! “In a first-of-its-kind study in the world conducted at Tel Aviv University, researchers found that water generated from the air in the heart of an urban area, the city of Tel Aviv, complied with all of the strict drinking water standards set both by the State of Israel and by the World Health Organization.” 

This is wonderful news for everyone. If there is a water shortage anywhere in the world, this concerns everyone. Now there is a solution for everyone as well. Use the water from the earth’s atmosphere, because there is enough water for everyone in the air that we breathe! “At any one instant, the Earth’s atmosphere contains 37.5 million-billion gallons of water vapor–enough to cover the entire surface of the planet with 1 inch of rain if condensed.”

So there is no shortage of water on earth. And there is no need to be concerned about drinking water extracted from the earth’s atmosphere. Isn’t this wonderful news? For the practical side of this, here’s an example of how this is done. Please check out this video from an Israeli firm in Gaza turning air into drinking water. What is being done here can be done anywhere.

Secretive China

While reading up on all the alternative media news about the great reset and related topics, I often stumble about very interesting stuff. Sometimes just amusing or interesting, sometimes shocking, and sometimes I read things which are totally absurd to me.

One thing that I found really absurd is that Chine tries to hide the fact that the biggest pyramids the world has ever known are not situated in Egypt, but in China! In a time of satellite imaging, Google Earth, and mounting evidence gathered by pilots taking photos, this is truly absurd.

I have had the privilege of being able to visit the pyramids in Egypt, and it is impressive to walk around the big pyramid of Giza. It is about 150 meters high, and it is quite different to see it with your eyes than to read about it in a travel magazine.

Yet in China there is a pyramid which has about ten times the volume of the pyramid of Giza, and the majority of the world population doesn’t know about this! The Pyramid of Xian is not 150 meters high, but 300 meters! The evidence is there, but China wants to keep this place secret.

Now China is known to be secretive about many things. For example, as Amnesty International states, “the Chinese government continues to maintain almost total secrecy over the number of people sentenced to death and executed in the country.” 

More recently, lots of things which have been happening at the Wuhan lab have been covered up. The fact that the Chinese government is not really cooperating with the investigation, to solve the question where the COVID-19 virus really came from, is not helpful, to say the least.

Being confronted with a country with horrible human rights offences, a country which is very secretive about everything it is doing, the fourth estate should step up. Yet apparently the sponsors of the mainstream media don’t want to offend China, so this doesn’t happen.

So most people on this planet do not know that the biggest pyramid the world has ever seen is situated in China. Neither do most people in the world know that their future is planned for them by the World Economic Forum, which uses China as the role model for our future world.

A secretive country. With a social credit system. And a horrible human rights track record. A totalitarian state. A country that the big politicians and mainstream media don’t want to offend. If we don’t resist the great reset, this is our future. And it won’t be a good future, and neither a distant future.

The Threat of Forced Vaccinations

We are living in strange times, and things are getting weirder and weirder. The push to vaccinate the entire world for a disease which has a survival rate of 99,85% is relentless. Besides trying to bribe people into taking the jab, more and more ways to coerce people to take the shots are announced.

One idea that keeps popping up in the mainstream media is the idea of forced vaccination. Even though, with the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, this would mean breaking the Nuremberg Code, and international laws and agreements, the threat keeps appearing.

A while ago we were already presented by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich with disturbing evidence that in a German nursing home the elderly were vaccinated without their consent, resulting in the loss of life. The video, offered to him by a whistleblower, shows nothing less than homicide.

Let that sink in for a moment. This means that not only are people talking about forced vaccinations, and looking at finding legal ways to do this, but there are places in the world where people are already vaccinated against their will with experimental gene therapy vaccines, and dying as a result of this.

Besides these horrible crimes, the opposition is actively looking for ways to make forced vaccination legal, to find loopholes in the law, or make up new laws, in which these forced vaccinations are no longer illegal. Like what is happening in Florida right now.

“A new Florida law that prevents companies and organizations operating there from requiring ‘vaccine passports,’ that documentation that purports to prove an individual has been vaccinated for COVID-19, also has a stinger: a provision allowing the government to force vaccinations on people.” 

The biggest risk I see in this whole debate about forced jabs is that the opposition will try to blame the rise of the death toll, caused by side-effects of the shots, on the unvaccinated. Deadly side-effects may be explained away as “dangerous variants which had a chance to develop because there are still people who refuse to let themselves be vaccinated!”

If the opposition is successful in doing this, they might get support of a moral majority of vaccinated people to actually introduce forced vaccination worldwide. If this apocalyptic situation would arise, I do not believe that there would be another way to react to this than to defend ourselves by all means necessary against this threat to our liberty and health.

I do not find it easy to say this, and I am not free of inner conflict about it. I am totally in favor of peaceful, none-violent action to achieve freedom for all. Yet what can you do when the violence escalates? I also believe in the right to defend myself, if that is the only way to avoid physical injury or even death. What should I, what should we do if things escalate so dramatically?

I have stated before that I do not have all the answers, and that is still true. That being said, the words of the smartest American alive make a lot of sense to me. “Christopher Langan, who has a genius-level IQ between 195-210, breaks down nefarious vaccine agenda.”

Christopher Langan flat-out states: “Personally, I’m willing if necessary to do severe physical harm to anyone attempting to force one of these injections on me, and the same should be true of any other decent self-respecting person.”

I do not blame him for saying this, and I pray things don’t escalate to the level of forced vaccinations.

The Pharma Death Clock

Some people really get offended when you say anything negative about doctors or the pharmaceutical industry. “Come on, don’t be so negative, don’t be so suspicious! They are professionals, they know what they are doing. We can trust them, stop bitching!”

If we forget for a moment about the experimental COVID-19 vaccinations, their negative short-term effects and their unknown long-term effects, there is still plenty of evidence that we should not blindly trust those who are involved in the traditional healthcare system.

If you do some research on “Iatrogenic Disease,” health issues caused by doctors, you will find that only heart disease and cancer kill more people than doctors. No, this is not a joke. These are cold statistics. Iatrogenic Disease: The 3rd Most Fatal Disease in the USA.

There is no reason to blindly trust doctors. There is no reason either to blindly trust the pharmaceutical industry. We are talking about such high numbers, that this cannot be attributed to simple individual human errors. We are talking about structural problems.

One website which presents the problem in an albeit cold but very clear way is the Pharma Death Clock website. Here you find all the statistics, with the source of the info mentioned, of people dying because of medical or pharmaceutical causes. A true wake up call for those who have always trusted the white coat.

Currently, politicians and mainstream media literally offer the marketing materials of Big Pharma to the public as if we are talking about unbiased, scientifically proven facts. A counter movement is necessary, to balance the treacherous propaganda people receive.

Therefore, keep doing your own research. Check out the website below. Do your research on Big Pharma, their history, the lobbying, and the huge criminal fines they have received in the recent past. Don’t trust them blindly. Don’t trust me blindly. Do your research and trust the science.

Visit the Website: the Pharma Death Clock


About Agorism

A while ago there were elections in the Netherlands, and those who are concerned about the great reset were hopeful that this election would change something over here. However, not much change happened. A shift in how people voted was noticed, but the established powers just keep doing what they are doing, ignoring the minority protesting the globalization.

One of the political parties which has opposed the lockdowns from the start made a statement that nothing had changed, and that what we really need is a parallel society. The current political system is corrupt to the core, and it will have to be replaced entirely, to make a genuine change. And I believe this to be true. The current system is bought and rigged.

While doing research on the parallel society I stumbled on the term “Agorism.” What is Agorism? “Agorism is revolutionary market anarchism. In a market anarchist society, law and security would be provided by market actors instead of political institutions. Agorists recognize that situation can not develop through political reform. Instead, it will arise as a result of market processes.”

Agorism is a combination of the Libertarian philosophy and counter-economics. A political movement to reduce the power of the state, combined with doing business outside of the state-controlled monetary system, by using alternative currencies, for example. Agorism is a way to restore freedom and power to the people.

Now I won’t say that this is the perfect system, but it is a very interesting idea to implement. Those who are aware of the great reset being rolled out will at least agree that SOMETHING has to change. Maybe Agorism is the model we need, or could use, to implement this change. At the very least, this is something to consider, with our current malfunctioning political and media systems.

So I recommend that you check out the Agorism website to read more about this interesting philosophy. I have also added a video (Sorry, again from YouTube, no other versions available) with an interesting interview with Tome Woods about Agorism, check it out.


Vaccinated at Higher Risk

When the experimental COVID-19 vaccines were presented to humanity, there were many people who responded to this news with warnings. The new mRNA technology was dangerous, they said, and the spike protein could cause reactions similar to auto-immune diseases.

Politicians and mainstream media called all these people either conspiracy nuts or anti-vaxxers, and the information they spread was labeled “misinformation endangering the public.” This kind of information, we were told, is not true. The COVID-19 vaccines are safe.

We now know that thousands of people have died within the first couple of days after receiving the COVID-19 vaccinations. And this happens so often, that it would be ridiculous to call all these events “coincidences.” So many people die that no one can cover this up.

A relatively recent development is the publication of an important scientific study done in England. This study is reported in the document, “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England.”  It reveals the shocking news that for the Delta variant of COVID-19 the risk of dying is six times higher for the vaccinated than for the unvaccinated!

The scientific report is a bit of a dry read, here is another article about this subject: “Death rate from variant COVID virus six times higher for vaccinated than unvaccinated, UK health data show.” This report is mentioned in many alternative media outlets, as usual the mainstream media is silent about it.

Now I don’t want to offend anyone, but if you are not shocked by this news, you simply don’t understand it. This means that all the conspiracy nuts and anti-vaxxers who warned that the mRNA technology could cause auto-immune-like reactions may have been right all along.

We could have suspected this, because many of the people who spoke out were doctors, scientists, and professors. They were ignored at best and ridiculed and fired at worst. But they spoke from a position of medical authority, with the best interest of humanity in mind.

Please wake up, and if you are awake, share this information. COVID-19 vaccines are not safe. This is a worldwide experiment with unknown consequences for the long run, and many visible dire consequences in the short run. Don’t take the jab. Encourage others not to take it.

If you have friends or family members who still doubt if they should do it or not, please share the following excellent website with them, so they will be better informed about the experimental COVID-19 vaccines instead of brainwashed by the mainstream media and the WEF puppets.

Visit Website: No Jab For Me Dot Info 

Big Corp Versus Small Corp

This week I read about how some people think about Jeff Bezos, founder and owner of Amazon. “Over 60,000 sign petitions to stop Jeff Bezos from returning to Earth.” Many people think that when Jeff goes on a space trip, it would be a good idea for him not to return.

Now whether I see this petition as a sign on the wall, or as a mere practical joke, it is not very effective in terms of activism for change. Yes, Big Corp is a big problem. The power that multinational companies have gained, and the way they use it, is more than just troublesome.

That being said, what are we going to do about it? What am I going to do about it? What is the most loving and logical thing to do, to turn this situation around? I used to buy books at Amazon, and I don’t do that anymore. Whenever I can, I shop locally now, to avoid supporting Big Corp.

I vote with my money, because by withholding my money from companies like Amazon and Alibaba, they will lose their power and influence. And the more people choose to spend and invest their money outside of Big Corp, the more the power of Big Corp will crumble.

A switch from big corp to small corp will bring freedom back to the people. It will support the 99%, instead of the 1% which owns half of the world. Power to the People! And in this context, a great investment option in South Africa caught my eye, in which the investors, the farmers, and the company all benefit beautifully: Livestock Wealth.

“Crowdfarming™ is a simple way to help anyone buy & own real profit-earning assets, helping farmers grow and maintain assets until ready for market.
1. You buy the young asset (livestock or plant-based) from the farmer, through Livestock Wealth.
2. The asset grows in the farmer’s care.
3. The farmer buys back the fully grown asset at harvest time for a profit!”

I think this is both a good investment option and a reliable company. And I believe that it is balanced for everyone involved, unlike the Amazon’s and Alibaba’s of this world. So I will soon get involved with Livestock Wealth. You can already participate for 2000 Rand, which is only 140 Dollar. If this sounds interesting to you, please check out the four-minute video below.